Creating Innovators

Let's Get Innovative!

In an effort to break out of the mold and try new things to support our students, teachers, and families, we have come up with some new ways to interact around a common theme. For this year, our theme is Innovation.

Shared Reading

Learning doesn't stop at graduation! To help spur new ideas, we'll be incorporating the book Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner ( ). We'll be focusing on a few key concepts from this book at each of our general meetings this year. It is currently available at all major booksellers - if you have trouble locating a copy, just let us know and we'll see if we can help you track one down!

Teacher Grants

To further support our educators, we'll be opening up a small grant program in November for our teachers. The submissions for this program will be assessed by an all-volunteer grant committee, open to volunteers from all three campuses. We can't wait to see what innovative ideas will come out of this collaboration!

Help Us Innovate!

Do you have an innovative idea for our PTO or our schools? We'd love to hear it! You can contact us at or at any of our general meetings. We look forward to working with everyone to continue to support our students, teachers, and families!

Volunteer Opportunity - Fall Teacher Grant Committee

We are currently accepting inquiries from those interested in participating in our Fall Teacher Grant Committee. 

We have 7 open spots available to assess teacher grant submissions for the fall semester - please click the link below and fill out the resulting contact form if interested.

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